Tuesday, July 21, 2015


So Lee and I got together and attempted to run our first G+ Hangout Battle. Sadly (comically) the results after two hours of trying to adjust the video and sound on G+Plus are a Big MEH!

I knew that Google hangouts had issues but I also thought that you could adjust the quality while hosting an event by adjusting your camera settings during a live stream. Nope. Google only allows you to make general changes and then they compress the streamed video until it looks and sounds terrible.

Unless I can make some changes via other options for streaming events, the group battles here at the parlor are not going to happen. I plan to start making some cool video battles too, but now that we have tried this out I can see that I need to get my lighting setup much better first.

I am going to be working on ALL of this over the coming weeks...

Boss out.